EDITORIAL // Neat Places 2018-2020
Neat Places is a curated city guide to some of the neatest little spots around New Zealand.

EDITORIAL // Vietcetera 2018-2019
Vietcetera is an online magazine covering stories of the new and modern Vietnam.


New Zealand is home to a diverse range of incredible and beautiful landscapes – here is a wee collection of photographs I’ve taken on personal adventures and editorial projects. 

PERSONAL // Zó Project 2018
Zó Project is a social enterprise that’s working to preserve the art and knowledge behind making traditional Dó paper, and in turn provide a sustainable form of income for the paper making families of Suoi Co village in Hoa Binh.

PERSONAL // Y Tý 2018
CIRUM is a locally-run NGO working with ethnic minority groups in the mountainous provinces of Vietnam to support their legal rights over forest and land resources. As part of their efforts, they run cultural tours to Y Tý, a small commune in the Bát Xát district.

PERSONAL // Hong Kong 2017
Hong Kong is an incredibly exciting city. The stark contrast to Christchurch from the second we stepped off the Airport Express is startling after a thirteen hour flight. The streets bustle with people, smells and noises. For a population of over 7 million, commutes may be a little cosy, as is the footpath and public spaces, but the infrastructure is impressive and keeps a constant flow.

PERSONAL // Kashgar 2016
Situated on the westernmost part of China, Kashgar is unlike any other Chinese city in language, culture and ethnic makeup. Historically a major Silk Road trading post and the gateway between China and the West, I was intrigued by how little I knew of modern day Kashgar and the Xinjiang region besides the occasional headlines of protest and unrest.